Ultra Pressure Line Painting System

A high pressure painting system available on all Kromer riding AFM’s producing crisp, precise, sharp lines with minimal turf disruption and no over spray!

With up to 300 psi, brighter lines will result. And because the paint is atomized as opposed to droplets in a low pressure system the grass surface is coated more uniformly. This means that less paint seeps into the ground and stays on the grass blades producing a more defined line. It also means saving of up to 50% in your paint costs depending upon the paint/water mixing ratio.

Don’t take just our word for it...

"I have been painting athletic fields for over 10 years and Kromer's new ULTRA PRESSURE® high pressure painting system allows me to paint lines that are crisp and precise. The time and paint I save with Kromer's machine allows me to be able to do over 100 fields in a week with one riding machine. Kromer's Field Commander® with ULTRA PRESSURE® is by far the best machine I have ever used on my fields."

Ron Ellis, Line Right Athletic Field Marking, Murphy, Texas