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 Swozi GPS   Attachment

Paint Removal X-Tractor 

Paint extractor, turf management, turf paint

Swozi GPS Line Marking Attachment Arm for 
Pro & Da Vinci models

GPS, line marking, GPS technology

New at Kromer


Synthetic Field Paint Removal Extraction

  • All-in-One machine

  • Paint removal extractor

  • Line removal extractor

  • Logos, end zones, & number removal extractor

  • Appearance grooming & decompacting

Synthetic field, turf maintenance, line remover, logo remover, paint extractor

Synthetic Field


  • Paint extractor

  • Line remover 

  • Logo remover 

  • Grooming & decompacting

  • Spraying chemicals, disinfectants or water

Painting, grooming, field maintenance

Painting, Grooming and Field Maintenance:


  • Lip remover

  • Painting

  • Grass edger 

  • Dust or chemical control

  • Add any attachments for natural & synthetic field maintenance

Grass painting, wideliner, soccer arm extension

Grass Painting:

  • Soccer arm extension

  • Hash line marker

  • Retractable hose reel

  • Wideliner

Kromer Athletic Field Maintenance Equipment

We have Kromer Athletic Field Maintenance Equipment for all budgets:

    Contact Kromer for a premium discount on existing equipment trade ins and upgrades.


Call today to order Kromer parts, products, and attachments.

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