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The Pro is equipped to take any and all attachments now and in the future, as your needs change or expand. Built on our FCX chassis, it includes full hydraulic & electrical capability. 

Kromer Athletic Field Maintenance Equipment:


Maintenance Machine

This option package is designed specifically for use on synthetic fields. This unit utilizes our versatile FCX chassis. The Chameleon includes the front mounted End Zone /Logo Remover system (EZR), which is hydraulically driven and utilizes 3 x 20” diameter rotary brushes to quickly scrub large painted areas such as End Zones, Logos, and Coaches and Players Boxes. It has an available 100 gallon water tank plus a 17 gallon front mounted tanks for remover solution. The Chameleon Package also includes the Line Remover System (LR). The Line Remover is also hydraulically operated, is side mounted and has dual inline 14 inch diameter rotary brushes for quick removal of painted lines. The Line Remover makes quick work of field conversions. Example: changing from Football to Lacrosse markings. 


The Da Vinci is designed for those users who will dedicate it to painting and spraying. Built on the FCS chassis. 

We have Kromer Athletic Field Maintenance Equipment for all budgets.

 Contact Kromer for a premium discount on existing Kromer equipment trade ins and upgrades or to order parts!

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