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Kromer Standard Parts Manuals

Included in Parts Manual:

Main Frame Group

Front Steering Pod Group

Front Axle and Wheels Group

Directional Pedal Group

Seat Group

Right Pod Group

Left Pod Instrumental Panel Group (FC1, FC3, FC4)

Included in Parts Manual:

Left Pod Instrumental Panel Group (FC2, FC5)

Rear Wheels and Drive Motors Group

Hydraulic Tank Group (FC1, FC3, FC4)

Hydraulic Tank Group, Field Commander, (FC2, FC5)

Hydraulic Hoses Group (FC1, FC3, FC4)

Hydraulic Hoses Group, Field Commander (FC2, FC5)

Rear Accessory Quick Attachment Plate (FC1, FC3, FC4)

Engine and Transmission Group

GX630 Engine Parts Group

GX610 Engine Parts Group

Kromer Machines Fluid & Motor Oil Recommendations

Included in Fluid Specifications:

Field Commander (FC1, FC2, FC3, FC5) Drive Systems

FC4 Chameleon Synthetic Field Maintainer

FC7 X-Tractor Synthetic Field Paint Extraction Machine

B100 and B200 Engines

B100 Transmission 

B100 Transaxle

B200 Transaxle

Hypro Paint Pump

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