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Kromer Products
Paint Mixing Station
Paint mixing station, line painting, bulk paint, field paint

The field paint mixing station offers 175 or 300 gallon capacity. Our exclusive "set & forget" electronically controlled automatic agitation cycle means it can be left unattended, creating time for other duties. Paint can be mixed in bulk and stored for weeks. A built in water fill monitor allows for accurate paint mixing ratios, and an automatic tank cleaning cycle ensures a fresh start with every batch. This unique product is easily transportable from place to place and connects to a standard 110 Volt outlet. Developed to SAVE field painting crews TIME and EFFORT! 

Line Expert
Walk Behind Painter
Line expert, natural field maintenance, turf management, line painter, sprayer

The Line Expert is an airless, adjustable high pressure walk behind sprayer that produces crisp, sharp lines on both natural and artificial turf as well as asphalt.

3-Point Hitch Groomer
Tow Behind
3-point hitch groomer, baseball field grooming, baseball field leveling,

The AFG is equipped for grooming and leveling baseball infield material as well as light grading of soils such as seed beds. Its standard 3 Point mount attaches easily to ATV's, tractors, and utility vehicles equipped with 3 Point lift systems. AFG is available in three standard 3- point hitch category sizes; Category 0 & 1 hitch is available in attachment sizes 1 & 2. Category 2 hitch is available in attachment sizes 1, 2 & 3. The Harrow, Leveling Blade and Broom may all be used simultaneously, independently, or in any combination to conform to your grooming requirements.

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